Trucking Myths You Should Know

Many truck driving jobs exist in today’s world because this role is one very important in today’s society. We depend upon truckers to deliver packages, food, oil, fuel, medicines, and more from one area to the next quickly. But, there are many myths that surround the trucking industry, and you’ve likely heard several of them over time. Hopefully these myths haven’t prevented you from obtaining a career. Below you will find some of the common myths about the truck driving industry so you can finally learn the truth!

The Pay is Low

Truck drivers aren’t getting rich, that’s for sure. But, it would be unfair to say that the career doesn’t offer nice wages. The money a truck driver earns varies, and several factors impact the pay rate. However, don’t believe the money isn’t there because this is simply false.

Always on the Road

There’s no time to get on the road again, because you never got off, according to some naysayers. Fortunately, this is simply a myth, and truck drivers do get plenty of time off to spend with their families, sleep, and enjoy life as it is mean to be enjoyed.

It’s a Boring Job

Some people are simply not cut out for life on the road, no matter how much they wish it were for them. Other people, however, thrive as a truck driver. The statement that truck driving is a boring job is simply false. It is simply all in the eye of the beholder.

Only Men Can Drive Trucks

Men dominate the truck driving world, but an increasing number of females are joining the industry, too. In fact, many husband-wife teams are heading out on the highway and enjoying lucrative benefits with their decision.

Truck Driving School is Expensive

Cost of earning a CDL varies, but many schools offer it at no cost if you’re willing to work for their company for a specified length of time. Otherwise, the cost of earning a CDL and career in the truck driving industry, is very reasonable.

You’re Stuck in the Career

Many people who begin careers as truck drivers retire in the industry, but they do so by choice, but because they are stuck in the career. If you find that it isn’t what you expected, it is easy to change careers without serious repercussions at most any time that you want. Don’t believe anyone that tells you that the career is a dead end one that leaves you stuck and unable to fulfil any future endeavors that you hope for.

Truck Driving is Dangerous

It is untrue that truck drivers are responsible for the most accidents on the roadways. That honor is saved for the under 25-year-old age bracket, which explains their higher insurance rates. Truck drivers are actually some of the safest, most courteous drivers on the roads today, and knowing that you are in an oversized truck really gives you peace of mind when you are driving long distances.

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