Simple Ways to Save Money

If you are looking for some simple ways to save money then you should try incorporating some of these suggestions into your daily routine, some suggestions you may know already but others you may not.

Skip the Speciality Coffees

One of the easiest ways to save money is to skip the specialty coffees that charge upwards of $10 for a single cup. While it may be nice as a treat if you cut that out of your budget you could be saving $200 a month if you had one of these specialty coffees Monday through Friday and $200 is a decent amount of cash!

Check Your Home Utilities

Another great way to save cash is checking your utility bills and seeing whether there are cheaper times to use electricity. If doing laundry late in the evening is cheaper than during the day then you might consider altering your laundry routines to keep your energy costs down. Aside from the cost of electricity take this opportunity to look at how much you are currently spending on Internet, telephone, and cable. With the proliferation of streaming services, your cable subscription may no longer be needed. Since the average cable bill can easily approach $100 you would save nearly $1,200 in a year just by dropping the cable packages you are not using.

Don’t Buy New Vehicles

One of the most common ways we lose money is when we purchase a new vehicle. Even if we got it with zero percent interest the moment you drive that new car off the lot it will lose value to depreciation and the added costs added by the dealership. If you can, try to purchase previously owned vehicles that are just as reliable as some newer models but won’t take a massive bite out of your income.

These are just a few simple ways you can save money the challenge is actually putting these tips into practice but when you do you will be happy.

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