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It can happen to anyone of us at any moment in time, we go to the washroom to use it and notice that the water simply won’t go down! You are dealing with a blocked drain and if not dealt with in an effective way, you could find yourself up to your ankles in water or worse!

DIY Vs Hiring a Professional

repair a blocked drain

One of the most common questions that come up when trying to is whether to do it yourself or reach out for professional help. The short answer to that question is it depends on your particular situation and the overall severity of the blocked drain. If it is a simple clog that is affecting just your toilet/bathtub/sink and the rest of the drains are working fine then you might consider using a blocked drain remover that should break down whatever is causing the blockage. Where things get complicated is when all of the drains stop working properly, in a situation like that you should call in the professionals.

You may be thinking that hiring a professional is expensive and you will try to fix it yourself by watching some “how to videos” online. While you may be able to solve the problem, there is a good chance you will make it worse. If the drain issue is not properly addressed there is a risk of further complications including the drain pipes rupturing, when a pipe ruptures it could lead to a massive cleanup job that will cost you a huge sum of money!

Selecting the Right Firm to Deal with Your Blocked Drain

There are numerous firms out there that offer drain blockage removal services but you need to screen them to figure out who is going to best meet your needs.

·    Does the firm offer 24/7 service? This is one of the key questions you have to address right away. Clocked drains can happen at any time so you need to find a company that will be there when you need them the most. If the firm does not offer 24/7 service you should drop them from your list.

·    Is the company licensed to provide these blocked drain repair services? The reason you need to review this is some property insurance providers will not protect you if you hired an unlicensed contractor to work on your plumbing. By hiring a fully licensed professional you are greatly reducing your chances of experiencing a massive inconvenience.

·    What are the fees for the drain clearing services? Fees vary and never presume that the higher rates mean a better-quality result. By documenting the fees being quoted you should be able to identify the service provider with the most competitive offer.

When you have completed those steps you should be able to select the professional that is going to address your drain blockage issues at the most competitive rates possible. The sooner you begin reviewing these firms in detail the sooner you can move on with the confidence of knowing if you have a clocked drain you can get help right away.